• Seamed baby lotion has a ph of 5. 5 And contain natural lipids.
  • Conventional baby lotions have ph greater 7 and contains parabens and propylene glycol which can cause burning sensation and skin irritation.
  • Seamed baby lotion contains 7 percent natural lipids plus lecithin plus sorbitol ensures long lasting hydration.
  • Sebamed baby lotion has easy spread ability without leaving an oily film.
  • Made in Germany gentle protection for delicate baby skin moisturizing and emollient complex safeguard against dryness allantoin makes the skin smooth and supple chamomile soothes the skin rapidly absorbed without greasy residue7 percent lipid compound oil in water emulsion supports the natural lipid balance pleasant botanical fragrance ideal from 7 day onwards clinically proven 16 percent increase in skin hydration within 3 weeks.

SebaMed Baby Body Lotion, For All Skin Types

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